Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Down and a Quilt Show

The Olympics are on and combined with the football I had a very TV stitch weekend.
The binding was finished for x +.

I'm so happy with this little quilt, especially now that it is finished. All the pain has gone!
The next quilt caused very little pain but I don't care for it half as much.

I backed it with some Michael Miller fabric and just used plain navy for the binding.
It's been machine quilted but I think I may do some extra quilting by hand inside the squares.
Today was the last day of the Melbourne Quilt Show.
The best thing that happened was that before we even entered some lovely ladies came up to us and gave us 2 free tickets!
It was fun to stroll through the aisles. Lots of fabric, lots of beautiful wool. I was tempted but did not succumb. 
The quilts on display were quite traditional. It was a bit exciting to see an Olga Walters designed Alice In Wonderland quilt. Unfortunately I lost the name of the quilter.
This was the first quilt class I ever took.
Mine was nowhere near as detailed and neat as this but it was really fun to see that some of the stencils I used in mine and the whole layout of the quilt was the same.
I remember a girl in the class saying that once you get into quilting you will be totally addicted. 
I didn't believe her at the time.

Of all the quilts on show, I thought this one was really clever. I think it was designed by Margaret Drayton and stitched by Anne Sushames.
The compass blocks were all different and each one had a marine icon in the centre. The background fabric was a very faded, old world map. I loved the way she made some of the blocks elongated. I have been fascinated by these types of blocks for a while and am trying to work out a way to make them using freezer paper.
Here are some other mini quilts that caught my eye.

Off to the Vegie Bar in Brunswick Street for some dinner now.
Yum, a great way to finish a fun weekend.


  1. great your x+quilt!

  2. I like both of the quilts. There are times for complicated quilts but I like a simple one every once in a while to 'Just Sew'.
    Unique quilts from the show! Thanks for sharing the pics.
    The vegie bar for dinner sounds great!

  3. Oh, don't finishes feel great? I love both of your quilts! The quilt show sounds and looks awesome! What is the veggie bar?

  4. All very fun. Love your quilts, and congratulations on those finishes! Thanks for the show photos too.

  5. Congratulations on two great finishes! Thanks for posting pics from the quilt show - fun!


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