Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Rainy Day with Bloggers

Melbourne put on some mighty rain today but undeterred I drove to Cathy's place about 1.5 hours away (because of the torrents falling from the sky) to meet up with some bloggers, have some show and tell, stitch and eat. I'm in red on the left and then there was:
 Miriam Cathy our fabulous hostess, Maree all the way from Queensland, Chris Meredithe Merran and Cathy in the front who is new to quilting but very very good at it.

We must have spent 2 hours just doing show and tell before we settled down to a cuppa and some sewing.

That pink star burst is so tiny, you can see it  in the quilt above

Some of Cathy's stash (envy)
I learned new stuff, met really lovely, new people, ate chocolate and saw lots of fabulous quilts and works in progress. Thanks Cathy, it was great fun.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I know I have been going on about this but it's finished now

I've finished my little crochet project. It was a bit like patchwork because I had to sew up all the squares and I put some lining in it. My husband said it was ugly and my son said, "It's very you Mum." My friend thought it was cool so I'll go with her comment! Anyway the weather has been really hot and although I have been craving the warm weather, it's been bad for my hands so I had a day of rest from sewing today.