Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Blues Weekend

After much procrastination I got stuck into the back of my husband's recycled shirt quilt.
This is the front, completed months ago.

 And here is the back so far.
The problem is that I like the back as it is, so I am contemplating making it into a new quilt.
The second problem with it is that if I keep it as a back for the original quilt, I will have to make it into a rectangle and I am not sure how I will add to it.
I guess that means another few months of thinking ahead of me!
Another job done this weekend has the been the final stitching of the binding onto the Parson Gray Quilt I made ages ago.
I loved the Denyse Schmidt backing, I used it for the binding as well. It is so sharp!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Border

Yesterday I played with adding another border to the quilt top I started during a Gwen Marston class. After laying down all the units, I realised that I would have to put an additional black border in. Here is what it looked like first.

I thought it needed more definition so I added the 1" black border.
I was taking photos with a flash because it was already evening.
It really bleaches out the vibrancy of the patches.
When I tried taking a photo from a distance without the flash it looked like this.
What stands out to me is the wavy line in the centre of the quilt top and how eventually the whole thing has straightened itself out.
I think for the next border I will try to accentuate the unevenness of the last border because it actually is very wavy.
I hand cut all the little blocks of the last border and they are all different sizes but I think because they are made with shot cotton, the fabric seems to bend and fit itself into whatever position is most comfortable.
Anyway, each border is slowly evolving. It is quite 'liberating' to have no plan in place.