Sunday, October 6, 2013

Decisions Made

Liberated quilting is all very well but if you get too liberated and free, your fabric starts to ripple and warp which does not bode well for a flat piece of fabric to quilt. So after adding on a couple more borders, the patchwork I began in the Gwen Marston class has had to stop growing. 
My second decision, after months of procrastinating, was to join these blocks

into a 4 x 4 centrepiece
The Quilts in the Barn show inspired me to join these guys up and then add a series of borders.
I'm not sure what the borders will be.
Maybe flying ducks.
I have quite a few extra blocks made, each one different, that will also go on as a border.
It has been hard to get myself moving with my quilting these days.
The main thing is that I am beginning to use up some of my fabric.