Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quilt Show 2014 and A Dresden and Liberty Quilt

Every year I think that I won't go to the Quilt Show because there is never too much that is different from the previous year but I just can't keep away! As it turned out, I was happy I went because I picked up some gorgeous Yuwa and Keiko Goke fat quarters at a very good price. They were just what I needed to breathe life into a quilt I am making.
My output in all things crafty has been on hold.
Firstly because I have been studying at uni at night and this has caused me to spend way too many hours on my laptop.
Secondly because all the extra time spent studying and typing ( I have a 5000 word essay to hand in during mid May) has given me really, really, bad RSI.
Anyway, the essay is nearly done and I was newly inspired by all the quilts I saw at the show.  My new fabric coupled with the vision I had for the quilt meant I just had to get back on my machine.

I'm really enjoying the way this quilt is developing.

As for the show, I met Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession, bought her new book, had a chat with her, and admired her new range of fabrics.
 Here are some of the quilts I saw
By Pam Holland
Sorry about the 2 ladies in the pic. It was a bit hard to get a shot without someone trying to get a better look at this masterpiece!
 By Alison Withers
 By Pricilla Bianchi
By Jenny Bowker
 By Rosalie Dace
 By Michelle Law
By Wendy Williams
 By Wendy Wiliams
 Detail of above
 Detail from quilt below
by Sue Benner
By Sonia Higgs
Hand pieced and appliqued - truly amazing work!
There were heaps more on show.
So much talent and so much time devoted to these works.