Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just for Babies

I've been mucking around with things for baby gifts because I have seen so many great ideas in the markets. Firstly, because I have a new baby great niece I bought some tiny singlets to applique on.
Here is my first.
I'm not sure if the zig zag stitching will be kind to a baby's skin. Maybe the next will be the edged first and then just straight stitched on.
Cute fabric!
The second thing I wanted to have a go at was making a feely cloth for a toddler to play with and cuddle while out and about. I've seen them with crinkly fabric inside but I thought I would stick to basics first up.

One side has the cute socks fabric and the other is made from a soft cuddly fabric that I bought from Spotlight. I ironed some interfacing on to the back of it to help keep it from moving around. The ribbons are all different textures and tickle.

Friday, April 20, 2012

x + Quilt Top Finished

 This quilt block practically killed me. I didn't like the cutting, matching and pinning that went with the whole process. Yes, it is made from scrappy bits of fabric but I never seemed to have enough of the right scraps and had to cut into the good stuff to get enough blocks together. 
In the end I was really happy with the finished quilt top. It is just the size for a cot and will be a fun "I Spy" quilt for a young one. I didn't have the patience to make it any larger but I am glad I started it and finished it.

I'm not sure how I will quilt it or what I will back it with yet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Australasian Quilt Convention

It was a glorious Autumn day when I set out to the Royal Exhibition Buildings for the quilt show.
 I have to say that apart for a few things, it was all pretty much the same as every year's show. Nevertheless it is fun to have it all in one place and at one time.
I think my favourite quilt on show was this one by Maria and Theodore Giannoukas.

 It was made up of tiny scraps of fabric
 This was part of a much larger quilt. Extraordinary detail.

We all know what this one is. It would take me years to make a Dear Jane. This one was made by Helen Wadsley.
Lots of Dots by Chris Jurd
I was very restrained and only bought some more pieces of woollen felt and a floor lamp for winter nights of stitching.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Day in Town

After hearing about a haberdashery store called L'uccellos in the city I decided to visit this hidden gem as well as visit a friend for her birthday. I found her building first. It must be something special to work here every day. It just felt like a place where things could happen.
Coffee and chocolates done.
Next stop was finding the Nicholas Building where L'uccellos is in residence.
I missed it the first time and actually walked right past it.
The ground floor was worn out and tired but still showed some of its former glory.
Up two flights of steps and I found it.
It is a store filled with all sorts of goodies.
Fabric, cards, crochet, vintage buttons and collectables, gorgeous threads, books, linen....

Did I buy anything?
Just a little bit.

I couldn't resist.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Couple of Finishes

Finally the long awaited perle thread colour arrived in store and I was able to finish this quilt. I looked back through Flickr and it said that the top was finished in September and here we are in April. That's a long time ago!

It is amazing how such a simple block repeated can turn out such a bright and happy quilt.
The second finish has not taken so long to put  together.
It's Summer's blanket backed with light weight Echino fabric that I originally bought to turn into a scarf, but never did.
 We are hoping to meet her next week.
Also I'm still working on the giant hexies. I have sewn strips of all the fabric so I will just keep going until I run out of them.
It is school holiday time. I have not much planned except going to the quilt show.
Looking forward to having no plans!
I know these precious days will just slip through my fingers.