Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just for Babies

I've been mucking around with things for baby gifts because I have seen so many great ideas in the markets. Firstly, because I have a new baby great niece I bought some tiny singlets to applique on.
Here is my first.
I'm not sure if the zig zag stitching will be kind to a baby's skin. Maybe the next will be the edged first and then just straight stitched on.
Cute fabric!
The second thing I wanted to have a go at was making a feely cloth for a toddler to play with and cuddle while out and about. I've seen them with crinkly fabric inside but I thought I would stick to basics first up.

One side has the cute socks fabric and the other is made from a soft cuddly fabric that I bought from Spotlight. I ironed some interfacing on to the back of it to help keep it from moving around. The ribbons are all different textures and tickle.


  1. What cute little gifts for babies.

  2. Awww, so cute. Lucky little niece!

  3. That is so lovely, what a good idea.

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