Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Can Get Obsessive at Times

Sometimes, I just can't stop at one.
After making the first little singlet, I made 5 more.
Lucky I did!
Last night, to add to my latest great niece, Summer, is our new baby great niece Capri.
We met her after she had only been in the world for 4 hours!
3 singlets for her and 2 more for Summer.

The photos were a bit rushed, a bit like her birth.

In the mean time.......
I finally completed a couple of baby quilts for an order from a friend.
She has them professionally quilted and they took ages to get back to me to add the binding.  Together we designed and cut and I sewed.
I think this one went to New Zealand on the weekend.
And this one is waiting on a name to be added to it.

The backing was made from a soft synthetic plush.
I really liked the squares and their black and white borders but I wasn't crazy about the orange borders. They are very bright and happy though.
Lucky babies and Mums to have such a lovely and generous friend and lucky me to have been involved in the process.


  1. Gorgeous singlets and congrats on another niece. Aren't babies incredible when they are so brand new?!! Great quilts too, I love the orange borders and the black and white really make the colours dance. xo

  2. Congratulations on your finishes and on your new niece too. What a happy day when a baby is born:).


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