Thursday, May 10, 2012

5" pre cuts

A while ago I bought a little pack of pre cuts. I think the range of fabric is called Sweetwater Reunion.
At first I thought it would make a nice little baby quilt so I just put navy and white strips around each piece and got this.
It was firstly a little small and secondly a little too sane for me.
Next I tried this:
 After asking son no. 2 what he thought, he moved a few of the panels to make the red stripe fabric fall in waves.
I do like the way he thinks!
I am not sure though, how to join it up. 
Do I extend the uneven ends with the navy fabric and then border the whole thing? 
I guess I will have to add more striped fabric to the ends so the waves follow through the design edges.
It just may have to lie on the floor for a while until I think about it some more.


  1. Wow - the difference between the first "safe" option and the third! Such color and movement. This inspires me to take more time to audition options as I go instead of plowing through with an initial plan. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a project on the floor!

  2. This looks GREAT!! I think I would continue with the stripe, just to keep them all floating. Beautiful!!

  3. Very nice! I like how your son arranged it. I would just sew strips of the fabrics which would come next (if you would go on putting blocks on) on at the uneven ends.

  4. This quilt looks great! I love your son's designs! I still think the two of you should author a book!

    I am on the home stretch to retirement ! Only 19 days of school left.

  5. I think I like your stripy version best - it looks more jumbly and jumpy, which is more my thing, I suppose. Anyway - I'm very impressed by your son's design sense and I love your work.

    (I'm planning to play with a quilty idea this weekend... perhaps...)

  6. I like the way your son thinks too! Isn't it great to get a 2nd opinion, sometimes you can just look at a quilt for soooo long you stop seeing it. I really love the movement you've got going on in this quilt.


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