Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coasters, Spiderwebs and Taggies

It has been a while since I posted anything. I've been in the land of writing reports and have barely opened my little laptop to see what is happening in the world of making. Reports are now done and the school term is almost over. I am enjoying my class this year. It is at about this time that I feel I really have an idea of who they are and where I want them to go. They have such funny personalities and each one has something to offer. 
I have been sewing and knitting and have actually put together quite a few items but most are not finished. I am planning to buy a huge quantity of wadding because I have 4 or 5 quilts waiting for a back. The staff room will be empty and I will use our lovely big tables to stretch and pin.
It's really cold in Melbourne (by Australian standards) and the weather is perfect for staying indoors and hand stitching in front of the TV. I discovered that I had forgotten to finish a quilt from way back. I had put the binding on but not quilted all the blocks. There are lots more blocks to go and I am enjoying the quiet therapy of stitching.

It was a friend's birthday in May so I cut into my beautiful new fabric that I bought at L'uccello and made a set of coasters with linen backs and a different featured stitch on each one. My friend loved them and was planning to use them as a centrepiece on her dinning table with skinny vases on each one. I liked that idea.
I really wanted to make a few more taggies and had the perfect excuse to do so when one of the teachers at school became a grandmother for the first time and my niece had her 4th child.
Her baby blanket is started but in the meantime I thought a taggie would help fill the waiting time.
 The last 2 weekends have been all about the spiderweb quilt. I am no longer so enchanted by it! Too much grey and too much of the same fabric have dulled my enthusiasm but I will finish it all the same.


  1. I love the colours of the spiderweb quilt! I hope you'll show us the whole (flat) quilt soon. My group just made a spiderweb quilt as well for a member who is leaving but we put triangles in between the webs, while yours seem to be connected with strips?

  2. Lovely projects, especially the coasters (great idea for a centerpiece). I bet over time once the quilt is done, you'll love the spiderweb. Sometimes I'm just sick of a quilt while working on it and then a few months later, when it's finished, I can see it afresh and I like it.

  3. Love that spiderweb quilt!
    Yes, we are having perfect weather for staying inside and sewing. :)

  4. Wow! So many lovely projects. I love your red and neutral color scheme in the first one. Keep going with the spiderweb. It's beautiful, and I'm sure you'll love it in the end. Pop in a few oddball webs if you need a little boost.

  5. I always love your projects. I too need to post. I hate the time between posts when I'm busy but nothing seems to get finished. I should show more works in progress, rather than focus on the finished one!

    I'm glad to hear your reports are done. That is a big accomplishment in itself!

  6. Lots of fun projects!! I've got some of that fabric you used for the coasters, isn't it so cute! I really love the look of your spider web quilt!!

  7. Oh my goodness girl.....your spiderweb is going to be Fabulous!!! I too got a little weary while working on mine, in fact, I stopped working on it for about 3 or so weeks and after my dear hubby scolded me/encourage me to get my butt in there and finish it I prevailed....or ran out of background fabric...wheee, I was sooo glad when the fabric finally ran out so I could be finished!!!
    I love Sujata's and am anxious to see her quilt hers.
    I plan on leaving my edges zig zaggy as I show, I will have to be sure and cut my binding on the bias to make it work.
    Right now, mine is laying across a chair...with the back side up.....I love looking at all those seems!
    I will put you on my reading list so I can see when you finish!!
    I love your fabric choices.....and believe it or not I have plans to do another one, I already have fabrics in mind!!!


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