Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finished Granny Squares and a New Quilt Top

Making the squares was fun. They are portable and can be easily picked up and put away but be warned, the sewing in of loose threads is a nightmare.
I think I will do some more crochet but I am searching for a less tedious finish.
I have been slowly building up my collection of Moda Happy Camper and Punctuation fabrics.
Yesterday I pulled them out and built this little quilt around a set of 5" squares I bought on sale.
As usual I went to Judy Hopkin's Book,"501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks," for a block that would fit.
It took me most of the weekend to get the top put together.

As usual the floor was a 'no go zone' which was a bit of bad luck because my husband was doing the vacuuming and the areas where I was sewing was in desperate need of cleaning.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Linen and Shot Cottons

I really liked this when I started.
It was all pretty and each block made a little story.
I used Kaffe shot cottons and Kokka's Heather Ross designs.
But when it came to putting it together it became a bit messy.

Overall, I guess it's okay.
Sons no1 & 3 said they liked it which is surprising because they really don't notice much except the TV and their food. They said it without me even asking! Maybe because it was on the dining room floor all day and they had to tread carefully around it to get from the TV to the kitchen.
It is really big. A full single bed I think. I might send it to be quilted because I didn't pin it or anything which means it probably won't stretch flat. The shot cotton and the linen is very mobile.
A happy few hours were spent sewing and that is just what I needed this weekend.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Diamonds are Finished

All finished and already in great demand. The Kaffe inspired diamond quilt is finally in use.
To all those dads out there. Happy Father's Day.
My sons decided at 1am in the morning to create a little scavenger hunt for their dad. They had him hunting all over the house with post it notes giving clues for where to look next. It was hilarious to watch. Shame they were all tucked in and slept through the fun as teenagers are prone to do on a Sunday morning.
The funny spelling on some of the notes were puns on shoes where about 5 of the notes were hidden.