Friday, April 10, 2015

Quilts in the Barn

Another fantastic Quilts in the Barn show was put on a couple of weeks ago. The show celebrated the works of students who had been fortunate enough to learn in classes run by Margaret Sampson George. Now I had no idea who Marg was until I met her in the barn on the last day of the show. I was totally blown away by the skill and detail these quilts displayed. Most of the works involved teeny, tiny stitches and a whole lot of applique. I was allowed to take photos but Marg asked me to only show parts of quilts on line so here are some snap shots of parts of quilts. Hope you enjoy.

There was so much to see. I just kept going round and round the rooms. Lots of work was sewn onto linen. Everything seemed to be patched using paper piecing. The quilts were large, vibrant and detailed. Some must have taken years to complete.
I am sure if you search on line for Quilts in the Barn you will find better and possibly full photos of the quilts.
So while my machine languishes in the fix it shop, I am even doing a bit of hand stitching myself.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Have Succumbed to the Instant Gratification of Instagram

I have had 5 whole weeks of school holidays. 
5 weeks to knit and sew.
5 weeks to write.
5 weeks to enjoy the after xmas shopping bargains, galleries, shows and lots of lovely long walks.
5 weeks to do pretty much what I liked, alone, with family and friends.
So that's what I did, save for the write bit!

The discipline of actually writing about what I'm making is gone. I loved reading blogs and writing about all my little finishes but they take time. I loved having a record for myself of ideas and creations. I could look back on my detailed stories and it was really useful. I have a terrible memory so blogging was a great way to keep track of things.
So what has gone wrong for me?
Firstly, I have been studying this year so I am writing essays rather than sharing my news. Secondly the typing gives me RSI. If I type, I can't sew. I chose to sew. I could do about 20 minutes of either a day and the sewing won. When my essays were due, I made nothing. Add school reports into the mix and it got even worse.
So I've switched to Instagram. It's a quick fix. I can keep track of some of my friends' doings, share my moments and get a little inspiration.
The trouble is, I can't keep a record of what I make with the same detail. Blogging is such a fabulous diary. So I will occasionally visit and share with you but I am not sure I can completely come back to it. 
Instagram is just so aaaaah........instant!
I can see, make or experience something and instantly share it. With this world of instant gratification that Instagram gives me, I am torn.

You see, I have been sewing a little!