Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finished Stitching and a New Quilt

I've finished Summer's blanket stitching but now comes the bit I don't like; the backing and ribbon.

I've decided what will be the backing fabric and I'll probably stick to a cream ribbon. It is really hard to put the backing on so that it sits flat and straight. Last time I pretty much did it like a quilt, using lots of pins and it worked better. 
The weekend was blissfully quiet, unlike the upcoming one with an engagement and a 60th.
There were hours where I had the whole house to myself. Although I am in the middle of a dozen different projects, I just had to try out Sujata's pattern (The Root Connection) from the Victorian hexagon Quiltalong 

Here are the first few blocks.

And the next few blocks although I lay one down in the wrong way.
I have to say I am loving the way these are looking.
Once I worked out how to do these, following Sujata's very easy instructions, I found a few short cuts to get them done faster. For one, I use freezer paper instead of paper for the templates. Secondly once the centre strip is in place you can sew the next few strips together in long rows and then join them up as one piece.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stitching for Summer

My nephew and his wife have a new baby girl and as per family tradition that means I have a new woollen blanket to stitch. Our new little great niece is called Summer and here is a preview of her blanket.
Apart from the new blanket all I have managed to stitch are some more x + blocks. They take ages and no matter how many I do, the quilt is still way too small so I just have to make more. Hmmm.
When you make the block you have to snip off all the triangle corners. Hating to throw out anything I saved the tiny triangles and sewed them together as well. They make squares less than 1" in size.
I've started playing around with these guys as well but I am not sure what they will end up doing yet.
So although I have been quiet as far as blogging goes, I have been getting a few bits and pieces happening.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pot Mitts Again

Although I was almost pot mitted out when I made stacks last year, I was asked to make a pair for a friend at work. "What kind?" I asked. "Pink," she replied.
Instead of using scraps from the basket I cut into my nicer piles of colour and was much happier with the result.
 She was so happy, she asked for 2 more green/blue ones.
 I had to make 2 sets because I wasn't sure if she would like the darker ones.
Thanks for all your advice on the + x blocks. Your thoughts and ideas have encouraged me to keep going. In fact I'm going to start cutting as soon as I have some coffee and chocolate while doing the crosswords. It's Sunday after all.