Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pot Mitts Again

Although I was almost pot mitted out when I made stacks last year, I was asked to make a pair for a friend at work. "What kind?" I asked. "Pink," she replied.
Instead of using scraps from the basket I cut into my nicer piles of colour and was much happier with the result.
 She was so happy, she asked for 2 more green/blue ones.
 I had to make 2 sets because I wasn't sure if she would like the darker ones.
Thanks for all your advice on the + x blocks. Your thoughts and ideas have encouraged me to keep going. In fact I'm going to start cutting as soon as I have some coffee and chocolate while doing the crosswords. It's Sunday after all.


  1. Very nice pot holders. Looking forward to seeing more X blocks.

  2. These pot mitts are awesome. I bet she will really like them.

    It sounds as though you are having a perfect Sunday with coffee, chocolate, crosswords and sewing! Good for you!

  3. Lovely pot holders! I love the first one with the bird fabric.

    Crosswords, coffee and chocolate are the perfect Sunday combination! :)

  4. Love your pink pot holders, I'm not surprised your friend wanted more!

  5. Awesome pot holders - I like the asymmetry. Can't wait to see more of your x blocks. What a happy riot of color.


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