Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm not Sure What I Think about this x + Block

I have been so besotted with the x + quilts I have seen on line that I decided to give it a go.
I followed the tutorial on Badskirt's blog 
Although this block uses up lots of tiny bits of fabric from the scrap pile, you still need to have enough fabric to cut 8 x 2" of the same colour. Not much, but more than I have in most scraps.
Also the X looks better if you can find a print with some sort of linear design.
I found I was cutting in to my good stash more than using up scraps.
Lots of cutting, pinning and planning goes into the blocks and mine still lack the desired light and dark colour play that I was looking for. In fact, I think they are just a bit of a mess of colour.
I made nine blocks first.
And then another 6 blocks

I'm not sure if I could handle a whole quilt out of these blocks. I would love to know if you would keep going or just make a pillow or cot sized quilt.

I forgot to mention
Denyse Schmidt's fabric is on sale at Spotlight. I was just buying fabric to make a dress up costume but was totally distracted and couldn't resist buying just a 1/4 mt of each. There were more colours to choose from. May need to go back!


  1. I am seeing what you mean. It does look Very Scrappy. I was wanting to try this quilt too but the one I saw had more matching pieces in each block. Can't paste a picture here of what the one I have looks like....but the cross in the middle is one color, the squares on the end of each cross where a color and the triangle pieces beside the X pieces where a third color. Then the X did have a scrappy look...each a different kind of fabric but yes, they were a more linear motif.
    I think your blocks look neat...very busy but neat. More of a grown up Eye Spy. *smile*
    Anyways....I've said a mouth full and not sure I was even very helpful. Good luck on your quilt! *smile*

  2. I love it! I think this block needs to be very scrappy. Although if I would make it, I would probably use the same fabric for the little triangles throughout the quilt. Gives the eye something to rest on. But that's me ;). Love your Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

  3. Gorgeous x and + blocks Meli, I adore the colours you have chosen for yours. Yep, i've been to Spotlight already!! xo

  4. I think the Americans call it a 'hot mess'? The colours are great, but maybe not quite enough definition between the blocks - I would suggest a Really thin dark sashing between the blocks - a dark dark blue or charcoal, as this will give 'the eye somewhere to rest' as they say!

    Keep at them and you will be surprised how much you like the end result! And btw - scrap quilts have never reduced my scrap pile - they just add more! Which is perfectly fine, cos it means I'm using my stash!

  5. I just love it!! I always love a mash of color and pattern. If you don't have the blocks sewn together yet, you could try making more blocks with black and white crosses, especially with prints that are majority black. Scatter these about, and you'll have more definition.

  6. I really like your blocks. The X in the middle looks really nice.

    I do love these Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Several of the ones you got are the ones I am using in my farmer's Wife Quilt.

    You have some I will have to look to find! Lucky you!

  7. I adore what you are doing with your X blocks. I vote that you keep going for a larger quilt. It will be a knockout!


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