Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tokyo Quilt Show

The Tokyo Quilt Show has just finished. Ages ago I sent a patch to Tokyo, on the recommendation of Ayumi from Pink Penguin . It was to be added to a charity quilt and auctioned off for the tsunami victims. Great idea and easy to do. My patch went into quilt 42 and I was sent a certificate of thanks.
A few weeks ago I found a comment on my blog from Cynthia from A Quilter by Night and when I wrote back and she wrote back I discovered that she was living in Tokyo and was going to the Tokyo Quilt Show. I mentioned that I had a patch in there and she went out of her way to take a photo of the quilt and post it on her blog. I couldn't find the patch from her photo so she went back the next day (not just for me but to go again because it was massive) and she took another photo and updated her blog. How nice is that? Since I have started blogging and chatting to  quilters from around the world I have only had support and inspiration. You guys are all amazing for what you give me by sharing your craft and time and I really appreciate it. As for Cynthia, I highly recommend you visit her blog, not only because she is making fabulous things but also because the photos she took from the show are brilliant.


  1. How cool is that! Firstly to have a block included in one of those quilts and then to get a pictures of the quilt hanging at the show in Tokyo. I've been to that show a couple of times and I must say, it's fantastic. Very Japanese thought (coulor and style) but the quilts are mind boggling.

  2. That is so cool. Here pictures as amazing! Good for you to do a block and then get to see it in the finished quilt! Lucky you!

  3. Thank you Meli B! I am new to blogging about quilting, and I'm enjoying the blogging just about as much as the actual quilt-making:). Thanks for mentioning my blog.:).


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