Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Camera just a few odd Photos left on the PC

I'm sort of cameraless at the moment. My youngest just finished his final year of high school and has decided to take the year off and go overseas before going to university. There goes my camera! My no.1 son has an awesome camera which he is happy to share with me but it has about 1000 photos on it and they will stay there until he buys his new PC - soon I hope. I took some photos with it but it took so long to load them up that my laptop went to sleep.
So here are a few meagre items to show you left over from the holidays.

 Although I haven't finished all the stitching, I just couldn't wait to get the binding on. I really love the stripes.

The chintz Philip Jacobs quilt is also not quite quilted but the binding went on. I was so happy with the match and so tired of all the hand stitching I had banked up that I unfortunately decided to machine on the binding and missed in a few places. The front looks great because I carefully stitched in the ditch but I missed catching some of the spots on the back. I hand stitched those bits down. Only I know it's not quite right but it's disappointing. In retrospect, if I had been more careful stitching the front on at exactly 1/4" it would have worked better.
The last photos on my camera (which I won't see for a whole year - if ever again) were of a bag I made from a denim mini skirt that I never wore because the legs just don't look so good anymore and the kg's have stacked on since I bought it. The skirt had been lying around in a cupboard for ages. When I squashed a plum in my regular school bag I decided it was time to get the skirt out. Not much thought was made in putting it together but I can say that it is working quite well and although the old one washed out perfectly, it has been relegated to emergency use.


  1. Cute bag! You have been busy. I have never done a binding by machine. I do like the stripes.

  2. I do that too sometimes; can't wait to see how the quilt looks with the binding, so I put the binding on, although I still have to do more quilting. The problem is that there's no more incentive to finish it completely afterwards ;(. Love both quilts and your bag is so cool!

  3. Both of your quilts AND bindings look lovely! Stripe bindings are my favorite too. That looks like a very fun bag, pockets included. I may have to make one of those sometime. Thanks for the idea! Best wishes on finding a camera soon. Meanwhile, I'll miss seeing your projects.

  4. You will just have to treat yourself to a new camera - after all it is a necessary tool for blogging!! I have been known to put the binding on before the quilting is finished - I think it inspires you to make that final effort to finish!


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