Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Done!

Remy the neighbours's cat.

All 4 quilts are finally bound and ready to go so here they are.

This was for someone at school that Rivka and I both work with.
The  colours are great.
Signed with free motion quilting on the machine.
Similar colours to the first one.
Sweet back.

These were not my favourite colours. The morning sun washed them out which is actually a blessing!

I loved the back though.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rivka's quilts

The last few months have been busy making quilts with and for a  friend. It has been a collaborative affair. Rivka, a friend at school, has been promising to make quilts for 4 of her closest friends but the task was just way too onerous so she never got started. One day we discovered each other's passion for fabric and talked about her unstarted projects. We began work a few months ago. Rivka chose and bought all the fabrics for the quilt tops and cut and pinned them. I did all the sewing and then we chose backings and sent them off to someone to machine quilt. 
This week I received them back from the quilter and have cut and sewn all the bindings on and hand sewn the first quilt. Its finished and ready to ship off. 
None of the quilts are quite the colours I would have chosen but they are what the receivers wanted and I am still pleased with the finished result.
So here is the first one ready to go to a new home.

Quilt Fair

Today was a big exhausting day. First stop was a great clothes warehouse sale to check out. There was some money spent! Next I went to the quilt fair. The late arrival at the fair meant that the car park was full. Not happy! I don't usually spend much money at the fairs as I go to most of them and there is not much that is too new but it is still fun to wander around the stands. I met my sister in law and we spent a few hours taking it all in. Unfortunately I did spend money. I am doing a market in November and I really want to sell my toys but I am thinking that a few cot quilts will add colour and a few pot mitts and coin purses will add utility to the stand.
Here's what I bought.

Memories from when I learned to read

Wool for my baby blankets 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its not that I haven't been doing anything...

I missed my weekend blogging because I went away for a beautiful weekend to Blairgowrie. Although it rained in Melbourne we had two relatively pleasant winter days at the beach. We went on three walks with a couple of breakfast breaks on the morning walks. At night we entertained, cooked up a storm, lit the fire and played scrabble. I did finish binding one of my quilts while we were away. Thank you Lisa for letting us stay at your place.

Last week I also managed to go to Kazari to buy the fabric for my Japanese quilt and that binding is also completed now. It was so good to go there. There were so many choices and I was lucky to have a friend with me to give a second opinion. Sometimes it can be so confusing and I really believe that the binding on a quilt can make or break the final piece.

So here is my over the top Kaffe Fassett/Brandon Mably quilt. The colours are way to crazy. I contemplated pulling it apart and making the inner strips of sashing from a smaller print fabric but in the end I just let it go. It's on my son's bed already and although I still need to do some stitching in some of the larger squares it's found a home.

So I have been sewing but not blogging. Four quilts were basted too and Castle Peeps is ready to have its binding stitched down. Phew, soon I will back at school and all this fun will be over. Love holiday breaks!