Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rivka's quilts

The last few months have been busy making quilts with and for a  friend. It has been a collaborative affair. Rivka, a friend at school, has been promising to make quilts for 4 of her closest friends but the task was just way too onerous so she never got started. One day we discovered each other's passion for fabric and talked about her unstarted projects. We began work a few months ago. Rivka chose and bought all the fabrics for the quilt tops and cut and pinned them. I did all the sewing and then we chose backings and sent them off to someone to machine quilt. 
This week I received them back from the quilter and have cut and sewn all the bindings on and hand sewn the first quilt. Its finished and ready to ship off. 
None of the quilts are quite the colours I would have chosen but they are what the receivers wanted and I am still pleased with the finished result.
So here is the first one ready to go to a new home.


  1. wow, not only one but two posts in one day!!! What a generous friend you are to help make four quilt. And how cute are those "Dick and Jane" fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with them.

  2. Well done Melissa and Rivka!!
    Looking forward to seeing the next 3 quilts too.
    (And I love the Dick and Jane fabric you bought at the quilt show!!)
    Andi :-)

  3. Wonderful story! Isn't it great to have a fabric friend?


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