Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilt Fair

Today was a big exhausting day. First stop was a great clothes warehouse sale to check out. There was some money spent! Next I went to the quilt fair. The late arrival at the fair meant that the car park was full. Not happy! I don't usually spend much money at the fairs as I go to most of them and there is not much that is too new but it is still fun to wander around the stands. I met my sister in law and we spent a few hours taking it all in. Unfortunately I did spend money. I am doing a market in November and I really want to sell my toys but I am thinking that a few cot quilts will add colour and a few pot mitts and coin purses will add utility to the stand.
Here's what I bought.

Memories from when I learned to read

Wool for my baby blankets 


  1. It seems that whenever you go to a quilting event, you just need to spend money! Lovely picks and cot quilts will definitely add color!

  2. I learned to read with Dick and Jane here in the US! I love that fabric. I made a baby quilt for one of my colleague's new baby with this fabric!


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