Sunday, June 30, 2013

For My Mum

My Mum hurt her knee. This can be hard to deal with when you are normally an extremely active 80 year old. She was in pain, couldn't drive, go out to play bridge, shop or hang out with friends. 
She is usually such a positive person with a huge zest for life but after a few months of pain, she let out the tiniest squeak. "I miss your dad. He would have taken care of me."
Dad died a few years ago and was her best friend.
I had been promising myself I would be making something from his old shirts for a long time. The grandchildren had pretty much picked over the ones that could be classified as 'vintage'. I hauled what was left of them home, snipped, unpicked and re sewed the pieces.
The front was very much a simple series of squares and rectangles.
 I liked the overall effect but thought I would be more free with the back.
Now I can't decide which is front or back.
It is heavily machine quilted and the binding is Kaffe Fassett's shot cotton.
The best thing is, she loves it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some Minor Finishes

Two quilts that have been hanging around are now finished.
Parson Gray Fabric Quilt
 Finished in May 2013
Started in July 2012

Scrappy Blues. Started in May 2011 
and finished in May 2013.

This is a quilt that is almost finished.
It as made from 48 squares of fabric texta drawings by students at my school.
One of the boys is going overseas and leaving us
so we decided we would make him a present to
take away.
Not quite finished but you can get the idea. 
It is at school waiting for one last drawing to be added in the top right hand corner.
The binding is on now.
Besides these quilts I have been doing a bit of knitting.
 The back of a jumper
Half way through a shawl.
I hope these two will not take me as long as the quilts to finish.
I can't knit for too long at one time.
My hands get really sore but I am determined to keep them going.
I meet up with the knitting girls on Monday so I am encouraged to have something to show by then.
I do eventually finish everything but I just can't seem to stick at any one thing for a period of time.