Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stitch Day

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend a day stitching, eating, and sharing ideas with some very talented patchworkers at Cathy's house. Cathy is the author of Cabbage Quilts and not only an especially clever quilter but also the most generous of hosts.
Here are some of the Show and Tell items I was privileged to see:

I so loved the colours and layout of this happy quilt.

This medallion quilt is a pattern designed by Judy (and made here by Deb) so you can order it online through Judy's blog.
This fun quilt has been published in a recent quilt magazine so you can probably find out where to get the pattern via Cathy's blog
 There were 4 of the cutest pin cushions on show. I think Louise has some patterns available.
This beauty might just come out as a pattern so keep your eyes on Judy's blog.
Some were works in progress and a few, unfortunately, I haven't attributed to anyone because I just met Glenda and  Janine and I forget who made what! I am the worst with names.
Thank you Cathy for a wonderful day.
I really do enjoy the chance to catch up with people who share my passion in textiles.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Australian Quilt Convention 2013

The 2013 Quilt Show was a treat this year with lots of wonderful quilts to catch my eye.
The Twelve by Twelve ladies were at it again with another series of gorgeous miniature quilts all themed by colour.
You can see their pieces by clicking on the link above.
There are of course 144 of them in total.

There were lots of quilts by Judy Hooworth

Lots more are on my Flickr Account
Loved this gorgeous little piece by Deborah Brearley about Margaret Olley 
There were some gobsmacking pieces with 1000's of tiny pieces.

Fabulous textural quilts were on view
 From Korea
 From Sth Africa

Miniature pieces with miniature stitches.

And even a touch of modern sashiko

I know I am being lazy and should post all the names of these incredibly talented artists but all these photos are on Flickr with their names and some of their statements and info about their pieces and mediums.

I just wanted to say it was a really good show!
And I didn't buy anything besides a coffee. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Making all Sorts of Things

Not much time for words so here are some pictures to make up for the last 2 weeks.
I washed and shrunk some gorgeous french linen and sewed on the hand crocheted lace (made by my husband's grandmother over 40 years ago.)
Added a border to the Shirt Quilt
Made another shirt quilt top from my Dad's old shirts.
I had been planning to do this for ages for my Mum but have been a bit lazy.
Now I have 2 backs to make.
Made this little quilt top from scraps and some white squares I found already cut.
It looked so colourful before it was sewn together.
It is a lot more white now.
And finished this little cardigan from Rowan Felted Tweed.
I saw brilliant mosaics gracing an underpass in Bentleigh.

Met my friends from Knitters Inc.
We downloaded this pattern from Ravelry and 2 of the members
were well on the way to finishing this little baby blanket.

And Sue decided she was going to upsize hers.
This sign was in the window of a wool and patchwork shop in Kyneton.
My husband took it because I was actually in there for ages and he patiently went to wait in the car.
He understands!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Nights in the Country

Last weekend I went with my husband to see Bruce Springsteen in Hanging Rock.
It was his last Australian Concert. We were bundled up outside. Although it was a very chilly evening I didn't feel a thing as he performed for nearly three and a half hours.
The next day dawned crisp and clear with the promise of a warm day ahead. We explored the countryside, visiting Kyneton, Gisbourne, Trentham and Macedon and ended up in Hanging Rock which we climbed (slowly) to enjoy the glorious views.
You can just see the stage in between the 2 trees.
The stores that were open had all sorts of antiques and art.
Loved this metal screen I spotted in one of the gallery's gardens.
One of the best things I saw and had to be really quick to snap was a building in the city.
We were on our way home, just entering town when I spied this building. No idea what it is called or what it is for.
Do you think the designer is a quilter in their spare time?