Sunday, April 21, 2013

Australian Quilt Convention 2013

The 2013 Quilt Show was a treat this year with lots of wonderful quilts to catch my eye.
The Twelve by Twelve ladies were at it again with another series of gorgeous miniature quilts all themed by colour.
You can see their pieces by clicking on the link above.
There are of course 144 of them in total.

There were lots of quilts by Judy Hooworth

Lots more are on my Flickr Account
Loved this gorgeous little piece by Deborah Brearley about Margaret Olley 
There were some gobsmacking pieces with 1000's of tiny pieces.

Fabulous textural quilts were on view
 From Korea
 From Sth Africa

Miniature pieces with miniature stitches.

And even a touch of modern sashiko

I know I am being lazy and should post all the names of these incredibly talented artists but all these photos are on Flickr with their names and some of their statements and info about their pieces and mediums.

I just wanted to say it was a really good show!
And I didn't buy anything besides a coffee. 


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