Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Nights in the Country

Last weekend I went with my husband to see Bruce Springsteen in Hanging Rock.
It was his last Australian Concert. We were bundled up outside. Although it was a very chilly evening I didn't feel a thing as he performed for nearly three and a half hours.
The next day dawned crisp and clear with the promise of a warm day ahead. We explored the countryside, visiting Kyneton, Gisbourne, Trentham and Macedon and ended up in Hanging Rock which we climbed (slowly) to enjoy the glorious views.
You can just see the stage in between the 2 trees.
The stores that were open had all sorts of antiques and art.
Loved this metal screen I spotted in one of the gallery's gardens.
One of the best things I saw and had to be really quick to snap was a building in the city.
We were on our way home, just entering town when I spied this building. No idea what it is called or what it is for.
Do you think the designer is a quilter in their spare time?


  1. ohhhhh.... last time I saw Bruce Springsteen perform it was 1980-something! That's awesome! And what a building!

  2. It's fun to live vicariously... I saw Bruce Springstein somewhere in the 80's too. SO fun! Love that building. Will it inspire a quilt?

  3. Wow, I bet that was an amazing concert!!!

    What a quirky exterior that building has!! I haven't noticed it before.


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