Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kimono No More

I am a bit excited because my son has just gone to Japan and with him is a printout of lots of fabrics I love and some cash. I really am hoping that he will bring me back something new to create from.
Meanwhile, a few months ago I went to Kazari and bought an old blue kimono and a roll of blue fabric swatches.

I forgot to photograph them first, but in the space of 4 hours I had unpicked the kimono and pieced the fabric pieces into strips and then a quilt top.

There were about 10 colours and I had a few blues that I added in to make the top.

Most of the quilt back was from the front and back of the kimono. The collar and sleeves, once unpicked, were stitched into some of the quilt top and along the sides of this piece to make it larger.

I just fell in love with the bold lines on this kimono and it was only $20!
At least now some of my guilt has been assuaged as I have made more room for my new incoming Japanese treasures.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Giveaway by Lila Tueller Designs

I just found this on another blog and decided to enter.

It's a Giveaway that looks rather lovely. Not sure what I would make with any of it but I am trying to control my fabric accumulation and spending. So if I can win something that doesn't count as spending now does it?

Some of the Things I Bought

I have been dreamily passing the days since I have come home. Domestic chores, exercise, taxi driving my children, reading, doing crosswords - really anything except sewing. I am not sure if it's because I am still feeling too relaxed or if I just had so much stimulation from being away that my mind is at peace.
When I am working at school, I am so tired and so time poor that sewing is like an indulgence that I snatch greedily when given the slimmest opportunity. Now I have so much time but am frittering it away on seemingly useless projects.
So I have very little to show or tell except that I did buy some things with a textile flavour whilst away.
A lot of the places we went to were total tourist traps and consequently all the stores sold mostly the same thing. We picked up the expression 'same same' as we wandered through the old city in Hanoi. They were even printing t-shirts that said 'same same' on them.
When I would accidentally find a store that sold things that were different I would get really excited. If that store sold anything mildly crafty I would buy it, not really visualising how it would translate to everyday Melbourne usage. So here is some of what I bought.
Button Necklace and crochet bracelet with buttons

Woollen top with crochet flowers

This is a hand bag. It is ridiculously kitch. It has way too many bling bits, buttons, beads, crochet and trimmings. The colours are blah altogether. It's leather, handmade, and the inside has all sorts of pockets and special places sewn into it. The photos don't make it look any better but it is really quite wild in the flesh and I think if I wear it with very plain clothes I may have some fun using it. I just couldn't resist.

Friday, January 14, 2011


After three and a half wonderful weeks I am home again.
It was just long enough for the 4 men in my life to actually miss me.
Did the house fall down? No, but it sure is a minor disaster.
All worth it.
I have so many photos I don't know where to start.
I think maybe I will just load it all on to Flickr.

We saw gorgeous houses.

New types of flowers

Free range chooks

Stunning scenery



Food Markets


Motor Bikes

Wild mosaics

Ate breakfast with a view

Saw moats

Climbed thousands of stairs

Saw fabulous 1000 year old carvings

Nature taking over

And sometimes we relaxed