Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kimono No More

I am a bit excited because my son has just gone to Japan and with him is a printout of lots of fabrics I love and some cash. I really am hoping that he will bring me back something new to create from.
Meanwhile, a few months ago I went to Kazari and bought an old blue kimono and a roll of blue fabric swatches.

I forgot to photograph them first, but in the space of 4 hours I had unpicked the kimono and pieced the fabric pieces into strips and then a quilt top.

There were about 10 colours and I had a few blues that I added in to make the top.

Most of the quilt back was from the front and back of the kimono. The collar and sleeves, once unpicked, were stitched into some of the quilt top and along the sides of this piece to make it larger.

I just fell in love with the bold lines on this kimono and it was only $20!
At least now some of my guilt has been assuaged as I have made more room for my new incoming Japanese treasures.


  1. Beautiful! I love what you did with the front AND the back. Your designs really show off the fabric well.

  2. Stunning!!
    I must get to Kazari.
    Andi x

  3. I would have loved seeing the kimono. Where did you get it? Your creation is awesome! Hope all is well with you? Rain?

    I'm at Big Sky Resort skiing, but will write more when I get home!

  4. I love that blue quilt. You should get him to skype you in the fabrics shops in Japan, make sure he gets the right stuff!


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