Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tapestry Workshop Open Day

One of my earliest textile passions was tapestry weaving. It's been 30 years since I played with my loom and I was curious to see the workshop again after so many years. It didn't disappoint and they had some lovely pieces on show.

Apart from my visit I have finished binding 2 quilts. It is so good to finish things. I have abandoned my love of stripy bindings and opted for shot cottons to finish these two.
 This one was hand quilted.

This one was machine quilted.


  1. Gorgeous tapestry and gorgeous quilts! I'm looking at the second quilt and I'm wondering, if it's a disappearing nine patch??? Really not sure, but in any case,it turned out beautiful.

  2. I'm LOVING those tapestries! I'd forgotten how wonderful contemporary tapestry could be - thanks for sharing.

    And your quilts are - as always - stunners.

  3. The tapestries are lovely! But... I don't need another hobby!

    YOur finished quilts are lovely as well. I really like the star patterns.

  4. The tapestries are really interesting. And your quilts are great!! Congratulations on your finishes.

  5. I love the color schemes in both of these quilts! I, too, appreciate both machine and hand quilting.


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