Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Block for the Star Quilt

I just put a quilt up on Facebook where I follow 'Kaffe Fassett Collective'. There were a couple of people interested in how the design was put together. I took a couple of photos and these should help.
 This was the main block which we made from remnants of Kaffe's Wheel of Fortune quilt. I had lots of diamonds and squares left over because they were colours I ended up not using. The measurements of the shapes are the same as in his book.
 This is how the corners fit together together although in the end I put more red into it.
The red is just 4 squares measured like the yellow ones in the middle of the block.
 Here it is with more red square blocks
Here are part of the edge pieces.
I bordered it all with more of the blue diamonds.
It was a pain to get the diamonds to sit nicely but that was because I put it altogether with a sewing machine rather than by hand but the hand quilting was very forgiving and no one will ever notice!
Hope this helps.


  1. I love the red - it really zings!

  2. So beautiful! Your color choice amazes me! I want to try a Kaffe quilt. I have one sitting in the line up. I just need to finish everything in the front of the line!


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