Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finished Stitching and a New Quilt

I've finished Summer's blanket stitching but now comes the bit I don't like; the backing and ribbon.

I've decided what will be the backing fabric and I'll probably stick to a cream ribbon. It is really hard to put the backing on so that it sits flat and straight. Last time I pretty much did it like a quilt, using lots of pins and it worked better. 
The weekend was blissfully quiet, unlike the upcoming one with an engagement and a 60th.
There were hours where I had the whole house to myself. Although I am in the middle of a dozen different projects, I just had to try out Sujata's pattern (The Root Connection) from the Victorian hexagon Quiltalong 

Here are the first few blocks.

And the next few blocks although I lay one down in the wrong way.
I have to say I am loving the way these are looking.
Once I worked out how to do these, following Sujata's very easy instructions, I found a few short cuts to get them done faster. For one, I use freezer paper instead of paper for the templates. Secondly once the centre strip is in place you can sew the next few strips together in long rows and then join them up as one piece.


  1. Ummm.. I think I want to make those hexi blocks. I thought I got all that out of my system and there you go inspiring me again.... :)

  2. I love your hexi block quilt. It is positively fabulou

  3. The baby blanket is looking really nice.

    I like these wonky hexagons.

    I took a class from Sue Spargo today. ZIt was incredible. She said she is coming to Melbourne again this "winter". (Yours)

  4. Awesome letters! And how fun to start a new project. I have nominated you for a "Liebster" award. I didn't know what that was either;). Check out my most recent blog post for details:).


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