Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Day in Town

After hearing about a haberdashery store called L'uccellos in the city I decided to visit this hidden gem as well as visit a friend for her birthday. I found her building first. It must be something special to work here every day. It just felt like a place where things could happen.
Coffee and chocolates done.
Next stop was finding the Nicholas Building where L'uccellos is in residence.
I missed it the first time and actually walked right past it.
The ground floor was worn out and tired but still showed some of its former glory.
Up two flights of steps and I found it.
It is a store filled with all sorts of goodies.
Fabric, cards, crochet, vintage buttons and collectables, gorgeous threads, books, linen....

Did I buy anything?
Just a little bit.

I couldn't resist.


  1. What a cute little shop you've found. So many treasures to discover. Incidentally, I bought the same embroidery thread (those in the box with the China Man on it) in Shanghai for next to nothing. Would be interesting to see how much they charge in Australia. I like the fabrics you got, very unusual as well.

  2. Love your purchases.

    Isn't L'uccello a treasure trove of goodies? I could spend hours in there! I may have spent a bit of time there last week............... :)

  3. Thanks for the fun little shopping trip! What a beautiful store.

  4. What a find! This store looks like a little treasure chest. Lucky you! What beautiful architecture!


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