Friday, April 20, 2012

x + Quilt Top Finished

 This quilt block practically killed me. I didn't like the cutting, matching and pinning that went with the whole process. Yes, it is made from scrappy bits of fabric but I never seemed to have enough of the right scraps and had to cut into the good stuff to get enough blocks together. 
In the end I was really happy with the finished quilt top. It is just the size for a cot and will be a fun "I Spy" quilt for a young one. I didn't have the patience to make it any larger but I am glad I started it and finished it.

I'm not sure how I will quilt it or what I will back it with yet.


  1. It turned out lovely! I really like it and think I might try something similar with my scraps (of which I have plenty)

  2. Nice! I really like this quilt. I am glad you stuck with it!

  3. This is awesome - totally the kind of quilt I'd love to just look at for a long time, going over each detail. It will be fun for you to choose backing and binding!

  4. Wow! It turned out really great. Love all the color. Perfect for a little one--or anyone, really! Congratulations!


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