Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Blues Weekend

After much procrastination I got stuck into the back of my husband's recycled shirt quilt.
This is the front, completed months ago.

 And here is the back so far.
The problem is that I like the back as it is, so I am contemplating making it into a new quilt.
The second problem with it is that if I keep it as a back for the original quilt, I will have to make it into a rectangle and I am not sure how I will add to it.
I guess that means another few months of thinking ahead of me!
Another job done this weekend has the been the final stitching of the binding onto the Parson Gray Quilt I made ages ago.
I loved the Denyse Schmidt backing, I used it for the binding as well. It is so sharp!

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  1. I love that backing too. My quilt tops often hang around for years while I think what to do next!


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