Sunday, July 22, 2012

Binding and Stitching x +

The thing about small quilts is that they are really easy to stitch and bind.
I used some lime pearl 8 which I found in my basket of colours.
I could do lots more stitching but the basics will have to do for now since I have 3 more quilts still waiting to be done.
The next thing to do was to chose some binding. I had green in mind initially but no matter how hard I tried to use fabric from my own stash, nothing seemed to be right.
A quick dash to Amitie and I had the best match in hand.
It was funny because I couldn't see anything and Judy picked up a couple of things and then grabbed these stripes that went ZING! 
We both went "Wow!" because the fabric practically sang to us.
The photos don't do it justice. The binding is only half on but I couldn't wait to photograph it.
Baby Capri received her blanket this weekend.
The backing was with Anna Marie Horner Velveteen - so yummy.
It's been a beautiful weekend of fine weather and I'm feeling a lot better after a hectic week back at school.


  1. What a cutie Baby Capri is! And she seems "right at home" on her lovely blanket! The binding on your quilt finishes it perfectly. Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  2. Oooh I love the green hand quilting! Fabulous binding that you two found in the end. Gorgeous baby Capri and her blanket. She is going to love it. xo

  3. Oh that last picture stole my heart! So adorable.. Baby Capri s so cute!
    The binding on your perfectly hand stitched quilt looks awesome!

  4. Your stitching and binding look great on this quilt! And the little baby on your blanket just takes my breath away!

  5. Wow! I really, really love that quilt! Seeing your makes me want to do this one. Great fabrics and lovely hand stitching!

  6. The binding is terrific!! What a neat quilt. And what an adorable baby:).


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