Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Capri's Blanket

I have been working on this for a while but it is now time to put the back and binding on because the stitching is finished.
It is for my great niece Capri, cousin of Summer.
The blankets are like twins.

I'm not sure how practical the loose monkey arms and lion ears will be but time will tell.

I also received a delivery from the postman today.
The main reason I put in a order was for the Kaffe woven cotton on the bottom of the pile.
I tried to buy some in Melbourne but no one seemed to have it.
Unfortunately postage has gone up so much from the US, I decided I had to fill my allowable weight with more fabric so most of it was stuff that I needed. 
The coffee pots will make some oven gloves I hope.

The Parson Gray is to compliment the blocks I've already started for a new project.
I do like getting postal deliveries of fabric. It feels like my birthday. I could get addicted to it so maybe it is lucky US postage is increasing and local fabric prices are decreasing.


  1. Mellisa,
    The blankets are adorable.Those creatures are so cute! I think whatever is loved the most will be lost first, as far as arms or legs are concerned.

  2. Those baby blankets are so adorable. I'm sure the lose monkey arms and lion ears are going to be well loved. Love your new fabric stash. Well done on making sure you get the most out of your postage (any excuse will do ;)....

  3. Your blankets are so adorable and fun!!! That's a great stack of fabrics, you'll have fun with those!

  4. Your blankets are so cute and personal. Nice fabric too! The Kaffe woven fabrics especially!

  5. Your blankets will be cherished and well-used, I'm sure. They are just lovely! What a great idea to incorporate the stuffy. Have fun with those new fabrics!

  6. Nice fabric choices. I really like the Kaffe woven cottons. They feel so nice. The gray quilt looks really interesting. I heard that Parson Gray is Amy Butler's husband. Is hat true?

    I do love getting fabric in the mail. In fact, I am waiting on an order now!

  7. Very gorgeous blankets Meli, I love the lion and monkey and little ladybug! I'm glad you found your Kaffe shot cotton, it will look fabulous on your quilt. Nice little stash. xo

  8. What a treasure those beautiful quilts will be. I love the coffee pots fabric, perfect for oven gloves!


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