Sunday, July 1, 2012

Placemats and New Fabric

My youngest son is overseas and every so often he goes to stay with some cousins. I thought I would like to send something over there as a sign of our appreciation for taking care of him. I asked what they might like and he suggested new placemats. Earthy colours to go on a timber table. I like these and I also don't like them. It is so hard to guess whether what you've made is okay when you have to give it to someone you have never met and never visited.
I'll think about it a while and then decide.
My other son, who met them last year, said they will like anything I make because I made it but I just want to get it right. Maybe I'll get him to take some photos of the kitchen and living rooms so I have a better idea.
In the meantime, with weather absolutely freezing outside, I started planning and stitching up some backing fabric.
Some lovely light voile to offset the heaviness of all the linen.
I think this is a Michael Miller fabric.  A very buzzy quilt.
Brown flowers for the x + quilt.
Another busy one.
And some snippets of fabric that I bought because it was on sale.
Most of it is by Parson Gray, Amy Butler's hubby.
Can you tell I'm on holidays?


  1. Don't over think things ;)! The place mats you've made a lovely and will be received in the spirit they were given. I'm sure anyone would like to get such a thoughtful gift and a handmade one at that.

  2. Those placemats will look stunning on a wood table. I'm sure they'll love them. How could they not?

  3. What lovely hostess gifts! And I really like the brown flowers for your x and y quilt. Hope you continue to enjoy your holiday!

  4. I am sure your cousins will love those placemats!!
    Great fabrics!
    Enjoy your holidays! Its perfect weather for sewing!

  5. I really like the placemats and think they will, too!

    I can tell you ae on holiday! You have been digging through the stacks of fabric making plans! Don't you love doing that?

    I really like the brown backing for the x quilt.

  6. Love all your bright and cheerful colours and patterns, especially the retro-style daisies at the centre of the placemats. The happy "owl and the pussycat" fabric makes me smile.
    It was lovely to spend time recently with you and Cathy and Miriam, look forward to another fun day sometime.


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