Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Stitch and Bitch Night at my House

We stitch lots but actually don't bitch too much.
I was so lucky to be invited to join a group of people for their monthly stitching get togethers.
It is so much fun to be involved with like minded people and although these lovely people prefer the knitting and crochet stitch to the patchwork stitch, I have enjoyed their company and advice. I have been away from knitting for so long and am a little bit rusty with the purls and cables and the jumper I am making has been unwound so many times I could have made two by now.
Anyway to night it's at my house but I have no idea if anyone is coming because I hardly know these ladies. I'll just wait and see what happens.
Here is a gorgeous little dress Sue made for her granddaughter that I photographed last time we met.
I haven't been on the PC much but I have done a bit of stitching. I happily sat through lots of sessions of the Olympics and quilted a few spiderweb patterns on to this quilt.

This block had so much promise when it was just small but I don't like the way I have finished the edges. Anyway I am quilting it now and I do like the back. I ran out of fabric and didn't plan it well as to how far it should grow. No matter, it is done now and no one will really care except me.
There goes the doorbell!


  1. I hope you are having fun tonight. I love these get togethers. Nothing better for the soul as well as the old inspiration! What's wrong with the edges of your block? How are you going to put them all together? Or is this a single block only?

  2. Yay for a stitch night, I hope you have another fabulous night. Sue's knitted dress looks gorgeous and I love your spiderweb quilting! xo

  3. Hope you have a lovely night. Love the knitted dress and the way you've put your quilt block together, very clever.

  4. Your little spider web quilt is great! I have more of that backing fabric, if you want some. Just let me know and I'll mail it to you.

  5. I adore the wonky spider web project! Hope you had a good time with your group.


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