Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Fabric and Finished Star

This week brought me a new stash of fabric from Contemporary Cloth . I really didn't want to do it but they were having a sale and I loved the colours and before I knew it, I hit the pay button.

Yesterday was the start of the weekend. I just had to get the star quilt moving because I have all this new fabric to think about. Mini star number four was quickly finished. On an impulse, I pulled out some old Kaffe fabric that had been waiting (about 2 years) for just this moment.

All finished. I am quite pleased because I really haven't enjoyed making this quilt. Too much pink and orange and the grey was very somber but I think the purple ikat really helps.


  1. I love your star quilt. Especially those little stars in the corners. Looks like a lot of piecing. How are you going to quilt it? Great new fabrics too. I know the danger of on line shopping only too well ;)..... enough said ;). Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Vreni x

  2. Oh your star quilt is incredible. That purple ikat is perfect. Love it. xo

  3. Your star quilt turned out amazing. Love the ikat fabric that frames it.

  4. Wow! Beautiful star quilt. You really rescued all that pink and grey, and made it shine.

  5. Oh, I think this quilt is just amazing! I am glad that you worked to finish it since you didn't like it very much! Do you love it now?


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