Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Works Upside Down

I am going back to work on Monday. I'm so sad because I love holidays. In a frenzy of, 'I must make more before I go back,' I started working on a quilt. I wanted it to be quick and I wanted to use up some of my old fabric and combine it with some beautiful stripy fabric I bought on sale.
In about four hours I had it all pieced together but it ended up being totally warped! (Excuse the concrete background). I know in photos the base always looks wider but this base really is wider, about 8 inches on each side. I have never made this style of quilt before so I am not sure if it was the stripy fabric, which is not standard cotton and a bit stretchy, or the style of the quilt that has made it sag in the middle.
I took a photo of it upside down and the shape is perfect - no distortion despite the angle.

My sons think it's awful. "Sorry Mum, but it's not one of my favourite ones."
It feels really soft and cuddly and I used up some really lovely linen fabric.
I am going through a phase of not trying to be so exact in my work and enjoying the liberty. 


  1. Don't listen to your son! What do "they" know ;). I love your new project. It looks sort of like a stack of books (maybe I think that because I know you are a teacher).

  2. It is always great to step out and try something new! You can always square it up with the cutter and a ruler!

  3. I love it! It looks like one of those quilts that will be well-loved and used for cozy comfort.

  4. Cute Quilt! Don't worry about it not being square. Quilt the dog out of it and then square it up before you put the binding on it. It will look FABULOUS! Well done!


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