Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hannakin - Bits and Bobs by Hanna Mancini

After the Quilt Show I went to the Museum to see the stick insects and pick up my teacher's free entry card, but that is another story.
I drove to Brunswick Street to buy a cake (it was my birthday) and visit the Rose Street Market. It was only 5 minutes away and the sun was shining, people were out on the streets having coffee, shopping and generally enjoying the weekend.
I just had to go back to Rose Street because a few months ago I bought a pair of earrings made out of pencils. They were such a hit at school that I thought I would buy another pair. I found my pencil man and bought a black coloured pencil and  a white one. It's football season and wearing the earrings would be a subtle way of celebrating my team's win on a Monday morning.
I know they are ridiculous but I get more compliments for these silly earrings than my most expensive silver ones and the kids love them. I originally bought them because half way through last year the kids managed to lose every item from their stationery list and keept saying "I can't find my pencil!"

But this is all beside the point. At the market I met a lady selling the cutest little dolls ever. Her name is Hanna and she had brooches, dolls and whimsical drawings on her stand that I just loved. She has an etsy store and her work is worth checking out.

Hanna doesn't have a blog so unless you visit etsy or live in Melbourne, it would be a bit hard to find her. Her work is so intricate and original I just had to post about her.
I was in a bit of a rush as I has visitors coming to eat my cake so I pretty much flew though the streets, past all this fabulous graffiti that Brunswick street is famous for and realised that I still had my camera in my bag from the show. I just had to take a couple of snaps.

Sorry about the shadows. If you ever get to Melbourne on a weekend, see if you can get to Brunswick Street for great shopping, coffee and graffiti. I think I will have to go back next week when I have more time to look around.


  1. First; I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you had a joyful day and that the cake was delicious. What fun ear rings and how fitting for a teacher. I'm sure you students love them ;). Greetings from sunny Switzerland. Vreni

  2. Happy Birthday Meli B, hope you had an awesome day. I adore your pencil earrings, how incredibly cute. I guess a ruler and sharpener earrings might be a bit much? xo

  3. Those pencil earrings are cute!

    Happy Birthday! How are you so lucky to have your birthday during the holidays?

    I really like those little dolls and brooches. What is the name of her Etsy Shop?


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