Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flu? It won't happen to me!

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"I never take time off work..
No I don't need the flu shot.."
Actually the flu shots were given out on Thursday at school, a week too late for me.
So I've done only a tiny bit of sewing despite being holed up at home for days. I've just been too tired. Panadol is my friend!
Under the influence of my friend's few pain free hours I sewed on the binding of this little Kimono fabric quilt.

I haven't finished all the quilting but it's moving along slowly.

On the bright side, it's just 4 more school days before holidays so if I can just get through the next few days I will have a much better time at home.


  1. Oh no, poor you! I hope you'll feel as good as new very soon. Would be a shame to spoil your holidays, wouldn't it? So look after yourself and rest plenty and drink plenty too ;)....

  2. Ahh Melissa, sorry to hear you have been struck down, I hope you recover very quickly. Lovely quilting and that binding is gorgeous. xo

  3. Oh, you poor thing!! DO take care and get well soon!

  4. Take care of yourself. I got the flu bug last year right at the end of flu season. I get a flu shot every year.

    The binding you did is nice. I think I just used some of the same fabric to bind my wool quilt.


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