Saturday, May 29, 2010

An Oldie but a Goodie

I just posted a quilt onto the

The SSSQ Quilt-Along with Kaffe Fassett on Facebook

I made it a few years ago when Kaffe Fassett released his Victoria and Albert Quilts book. At first it was hard to get my head around all the colours but once you get into the design, it all makes sense and the final result was beautiful - or at least I loved it.

The Facebook group has been great. You need to have made a quilt using Fassett's designs or fabrics. Once you leave photos on the page either Fassett or Liza Prior Lucy will comment on your work. It really is a bit of a buzz.


  1. This quilt is amazing! Aren't his fabrics just the best?!?!? He actually left a comment on my quilt for this FB group yesterday. I was pretty jazzed!

  2. wow, this is really an amazing quilt. And to get a comment from the man himself!!!!


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