Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first all over quilted quilt

I spend way too many hours looking at other people's blogs. After a while I discovered that quilters take bits and pieces left over from other projects and string them together to make new patches and then put them together to make quilts! So I decided to experiment.

I surrounded the oddly sized patches in green and then scribble quilted all over it. I know there is a correct term for it but I forget what it's called at the moment. The immediate family response was that no one likes green and the quilt was cot size - way too small to snuggle up in so what was the whole point of making it?
They just don't get it. Firstly I used up lots of my favourite Amy Butler fabric that I love and couldn't bear to throw out. Secondly I quilted the whole thing all by myself. Thirdly I am going to dare to throw it in the wash and tumble dry it to see what happens to it. It's all been a grand experiment and once I had put the blue binding on it, I rather liked what it looked like.


  1. I think its great!!
    I'd happily snuggle under it.
    Good on you for all that experimentation.
    It certainly has paid off (whether your family realize it or not!!)

  2. I like your "left over quilt" very much. I'm sure the family will learn to love it too, in time ;).

  3. It looks great! And green is a great color!

  4. WHAT!???? Who likes green? It is just about the best color ever invented! Silly boys!

    I love your experiment! Good for you!!!


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