Sunday, June 13, 2010

With a Little Help

This long weekend is all about the shirts. A few weeks ago my husband donated about 15 shirts to the quilting cause. They were either too small, faded or stained and no longer required so we cut them up and they lay around underfoot. I knew I wanted to use triangles and squares to make the quilt. I picked a block called "Winged Square" for my base. Each block had 48 triangles and 3 large squares in it. What was I thinking? Major labour intensive sewing. Anyway I cut and arranged and started putting the blocks out on the floor. Positive murmurs came from the family as it grew through the day. It looked okay but I knew I had to rearrange it. In the afternoon I had to drive one of the boys to work and by the time I came back one of my other sons had completely reorganised the blocks to a much better design. He then showed me 2 other options - all of them so much more clever than I could have done it.

He actually changed the original layout of the block and reversed some to the triangles blocks so that they created rows of colours in light and shade. Anyway he is now at work and I am anxiously awaiting his return so he can slot in the last 3 blocks.


  1. You obviously make great quiltERS as well as great quilts!

  2. Wow! I love all of the options! I think your son has an "eye"! I'm glad you had such a great weekend!


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