Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilt Show, Footy and Sewing

This has been a very busy weekend of sewing. Yesterday I spent the day putting together my yucky blocks.

I have been so worried about matching colours and ranges of fabric in the many quilts I have made that I would order my fabrics from specific designers and ranges to ensure everything 'went together'. Well this weekend I decided to step outside my comfort zone and put colours that I would not normally use together. So yellow and orange was mixed with blue. The photos still look yuk but in real life they look really amazing so onward march. 18 blocks were finished and I have cut most of the next 12.
Also in the morning I went to Amitie to use up some vouchers I received for my birthday. I bought these packets of 16ths which are a mixture of linens, oddments and Kokka prints. Really cute and really different to my usual colour palettes.
Sunday was Melbourne Quilt Show day. I went with a friend and we had great fun. There was lots to see and lots to buy. My latest love is for the wool blanketing colours I have been using for the baby blankets. There were a couple of suppliers so I went a bit silly and bought 10 different pieces.

We were home in time for me to snuggle up on the couch, turn on the football and work on the baby blanket. 

And I even finished my work program for school next week.


  1. The baby quilt is really coming alive! And it seems you had a very fun weekend. Love your fabric booty :). Have a good week ahead.

  2. Loving that baby blanket!! And I love the riot of colour and pattern in your quilt blocks, too.


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