Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Great Potholder Swap

About 6 weeks ago I put my name down to do the 2010 Great Potholder Swap. This was being organised by Malka Dubrawsky from Stitch in dye. I had never done a swap before and I thought a pot holder would be possible as it was my first attempt and it wasn't too big a job. I was lucky enough to be matched with a very talented lady who made me the most beautiful potholders and sent me scraps of her favourite fabrics - which I know was a big sacrifice. Every little piece becomes personal after a while. Very hard to part with. So this is what I received.

I'm sorry but I just couldn't manage to turn this photo around even though it was rotated in the file. The beautiful Japanese potholder had tiny sashiko stitched crosses through the whole back.

So much work!

 I sent her these Kaffe Fassett fabric ones with a little koala in the middle.

Maybe I should have put them against a nicer background. My carpet is looking rather drab.
I sent my swap partner the aboriginal design koala hanky that had the original koala from which the potholder was started from.
The potholders have a similar design on the back. The weirdest thing was the heat resistant filling that I bought to use. I sandwiched it in the middle of normal wadding but it made a crunchy noise if you bent it so gina pina has crunchy koala pot mitts to play with and lucky me has 3 new pot holders and some great pieces of fabric to sew into some of my new projects.

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  1. What a great swap idea. Gosh - even I could probably manage a pot holder or two.

    Love ya work!


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