Friday, July 15, 2011

Holiday Sewing

At Last the Wheel of Fortune quilt top is finished. It's not very big but those diamonds were such a pain, I was glad to see the last squares being stitched in.

I had about 20 squares left and a few diamonds and I laid them out and arranged them in a neat little square with the diamonds acting as a border. My no. 2 son, who loves tessellations, asked if he could play with them. He created a fantastic new pattern that I have never seen before. I spent the next day cutting more fabric to complete his idea. Now I will have to be working with diamonds again. I'm not showing his lay out yet. I need to psych myself up to drawing all the seams and pinning them all together. May be a few months away yet.

I also made a square block which I will be sending to Japan to be part of the Tokyo Quilt Festival. It was originally blogged about by Ayumills . The thing I like about this idea is that the block will be joined to other blocks, sent in from around the world. The blocks will be made into quilts which will be shown and then auctioned off with all proceeds going to the tsunami victims. Last show they put together 86 quilts!
What else have I been doing these holidays besides freezing?
I've started a quilt using some of my 30's reproduction fabrics. They have been sitting on the shelf for way too long. I have 19 blocks finished and 11 half done.
I made a couple of pot mitts for a teacher friend who just got married. The teachers all pitched in with money for a big present but I just wanted to add a little something extra for her on a personal level as we team teach our class and I was dying to use some new fabrics I bought.

I added an extra pocket at the back to fit your fingers in to get a better grip but stupidly quilted the mitts vertically whereas had I done it horizontally the mitts would have folded in your hand much more easily. Live and learn.
Diamond quilt is being hand quilted and it is looking beautiful.
Snowball Quilt is stretched.
I guess that is where most of my sewing time has gone. I can't believe I go back to work on Monday. I do have a crochet class to look forward to on Monday night though! Wish me luck.


  1. My goodness!! You've been a quilting machine!

    Loving the diamonds quilt.... kind of inspiring meto have another crack at this quilty thing.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed by all you're doing. Everything is gorgeous too!

  3. My god you are a MACHINE!!!!

  4. Wow, girl you have been busy!

    I love that your son is helping out with your design! can't wait to see it.

    I have been busy, but not ready to post yet!

  5. Oh Wow Meli how could I miss all this goodness? Your star quilt is INCREDIBLE! I clicked on the pic to see it bigger and it is amazing, I love your colour choice. Hope to be able to see that in person one day!! Gorgeous quilts here, my diamond quilt is still in a box somewhere in pieces!!! xo


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