Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Binding On

The binding is on and the quilt is already being used. 
A few of the old quilts are now on our beds acting as insulators to our doonas. The weather has been so cold.
I have to go to a wedding today and it's going to be freezing. Hard to look glamorous in this weather. Actually I think I am going to be rushing so much I will get warm.
I promised to drive some friends to Sunspun in Canterbury Road. It is a gorgeous shop that carries a full range of Kaffe's fabric, the most incredible selection of wools, tapestry kits and pattern books.
Then we are heading to Maling Road for lunch. It's a quaint suburban shopping strip with all sorts of interesting stores and cafes.

I have to be back home in time to pick up a friend to go to the wedding ceremony (in nice clothes) by 3.30pm. It's in Brighton - the other direction from where I have been.
Back home again till 7pm for the party where I really have to dress up.
Lots of driving. I think I better buy some petrol.


  1. It's tiring to just read about your full day. But I'm sure you had a lovely time at Sunspun. I can't help wonder, what you go ;)? Hope the wedding is going to be lovely tonight and not too cold. We don't want pictures of the bride with blue lips, do we?

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Cold? It was in the 90's here today! HOT!

  3. Sounds very busy! Love the colours on that binding it is really pretty :)



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