Saturday, March 12, 2011

So it's Like This....

I drove to the US store in Moorabin. It's a bit of a trek but not too bad. I searched everywhere in between all the US accented patrons who were there to capitalise on the 15% sale that seemed to be on. There were all kinds of interesting freezer bags but the place that said" Freezer Paper 75 mts $9.95" was empty. The storemen searched too but to no avail. At least I knew that it would be in eventually and I had found a source.
Not to waste a drive out to the outskirts of town I dropped into a sport store and bought some Asics from the sale table. I had been searching for bargain Asics for a while. My runners are a disaster and the holes in them were becoming slightly embarrassing.

You see, I always believe good things happen, even when you think they are bad.
So I have a new pair of runners to wear now, which I would not have found had I not gone looking for freezer paper.
Anyway, on the way home I dropped into Amitie - because it is so hard to resist the place.
You'll never guess what they sell there!
Yes, they sell freezer paper. It seems they always keep a supply. So whenever I went looking last time, they must have been out of it and I never bothered to ask them again. Silly me. Of course I paid a lot more proportionately but I don't think I would have managed to get through 75 mts in a life time. So with 2 mts for $2.60 I am a happy quilter.

So thanks so much for all your kind offers of advice and paper. I really was so overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts and generosity. I do love blogging!


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