Sunday, March 6, 2011

Does anyone know about freezer paper?

I was looking at other blogs when I noticed that Liz listed freezer paper as one of her top 5 quilting tools. It got me thinking about freezer paper and why it is so hard to find in Australia. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places and also I have not bothered trying to find any lately but last time I did, no one knew what I was talking about. It just so happens I have used my last scraps of it and I was hoping someone could tell me where to get some in Australia.
This is what I have used my last bits of paper on and why I find it so useful.
I just made a quilt with lots of straight lines on the back as well as a square/rectangle pattern on the front.

So the question came as to how I was going to quilt it because if I stitched in straight lines the back would have all these stitches that didn't line up and I would be really unhappy with the mess and it would make the irregular shapes look even more irregular.
So I decided that I would hand stitch it with circle shapes because they wouldn't mess up the lines.
I used freezer paper to make my stencils. I traced lots of mugs and glasses from the kitchen to get a variety of circle sizes.
Then I ironed on a few of the circles to the quilt. They can peel off so I only did a couple at a time.

Sew around the edges.

Peel off the paper carefully because you can use it several times and there is your outline stitched onto your quilt. Easy.

You could make stencils for any shape so it's very versatile and saves using water soluble pens etc.

I have also used it instead of paper piecing and made this quilt.

It made the whole process much quicker and simpler and it's very accurate.

So if anyone knows where to find this wonderful paper in Melbourne please let me know so I can get some more!


  1. I also like to use freezer paper, but have never done so for the quilting part. What a good idea. I have lots of freezer paper; I always buy it whenever I see it and when we moved last time I found I had enough to last me not only for one but two life times. I would be very happy to send you some. Send me an email with your home address. Cheers Vreni x

  2. I hear the American Food place in Moorabbin (used to be in Bentleigh) stocks it by the roll.

  3. Hubby was in Honolulu for work a few months ago, so I asked him to bring back a roll. He brought 2. My LQS sells it. Perhaps your LQS or eBay.

  4. I buy it by the roll from Bargain Box fabrics at Mornington (probably nowhere near you?!!). Have you checked with Amitie? Fabulous idea to use it as quilting templates, thanks for that tip! Gorgeous quilts. xo

  5. I bought a huge roll from Punch with Judy a few years ago (at one of the quilt shows).

    A couple of years ago, Liesl from Hoppo Bumpo did a series on using it for printing. She listed suppliers here -

  6. I am not in Australia and I am sorry to say ours is readily available in our grocery store...But I was wondering if you have ever checked with a butcher. Anything we buy from the meat counter is wrapped in freezer paper...just a thought. I have used freezer paper for applique both on top of my work and underneath.

  7. Your blue quilt is beautiful, front and back. I love your idea of circles for quilting. The freezer paper looks like a great idea! I could send you some from the U.S. if needed. Just let me know. And that last quilt!!!!! I'm in love!

  8. Here in the US we can get it at the grocery store in the section with the plastic food wrap, ziplock bags, etc. Do you want me to send you some?

    I'd be happy to do that! Better yet, I could deliver it when I come to Australia! LOL

    Oh, you want some before that happens, right? 2 years is a long wait!

  9. I'm sorry I can't help - I'm still using some I bought in a Sue Spargo class last year! But I had to say, your quilt is lovely! Is that a boro type quilt? The circles are going to be great!

  10. My offer from north of the border still holds if none of the local freezer paper sources work.


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