Monday, March 14, 2011

I love Long Weekends

It's the Labour Day Weekend which means three whole days away from work. My first two days were just ordinary days doing the usual stuff but today has been Diamond Day.

I finished making all my diamonds from my Kaffe Fassett class last night. They lay arranged on my "design floor" all night so I could be sure that all the colours were where they were supposed to be. The trouble with doing that is that it is also the main thoroughfare in my house. My family is so used to my mess that everyone just tip toed around the diamonds with out even commenting. How good are they?
So today, day three of my long weekend I finally got to do some serious sewing and finished the quilt top.

I now know why I do not like diamonds. When you sew them together they defy the usual matching up of corners to create beautiful seams meeting. You have to offset them to one side so that they meet later, after ironing. This is a rather hit and miss thing and the first few I did had to be unpicked several times until I got the hang of it.

I have always secretly wished to make a Lone Star Quilt. I think I will do it via the cheat's way of sewing strips together and then cutting them into diamonds.


  1. Congratulations! I looks fabulous. But I know about matching up point with diamonds. Not my strong point either. But you did very well indeed. What I really like is that yours is a bit different as it seems a lot of these quilt are made with mostly KF fabrics.

  2. Yikes. Do I have to be nervous about sewing mine together? Hadn't realised that.
    Yours looks perfect though!!
    Andi x

  3. Oh, lucky you! 3 days off to sew, what a treat!

    I love your quilt! It is very unique. It doesn't look like another Kaffe copy. Our colors are so nice! Good for you!

    We have Labor Day in September.

  4. I love your diamond quilt Meli B, the colours look fabulous together. I too am nervous about sewing this one up, I think it will sit on my floor for awhile longer!! xo


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